The mission of the Bolivar Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is to help build a stronger local economy and a finer community for our residents. The Bolivar Peninsula Chamber of Commerce also plays a more unique role than most other chambers because we effectively perform many of the activities that would normally be handled by local government offices and tourism bureaus.

Individual Members

Casey Blume – Swede’s
Holly Camacho
Barbara Davis – Re/Max
Jerry Diaz
James Dinkins
Buffy Drebel
James Erwin
Brenda Flanagan
Mike Gross
Kathryn Hammond – Re/Max
JoAnn Hughes – Re/Max
Robin Kasiske
Bill Minyard
Susan Meeks
Sherry Morgan
George Strong
Derreck Rose
Neil Spiller – Re/Max
Charlotte Stirling
Lana Thompson
Pat & Jimmy Vondra
Edith Watson
Tim Williams
Anne Willis – Swede’s
Rita Wilson

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    1750 Hwy 87
    Crystal Beach, TX 77650
    Mailing: PO Box 1170
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    Hours: 10am – 2pm


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  • Chamber Membership Renewal:

    Membership April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019: If you would like to join the Chamber, please call 409.684.5940
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