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All 27 miles of Bolivar Peninsula are beachfront. Crystal Beach is the most inhabited part of the peninsula, but you can find peaceful stretches of beach all throughout the year. Most neighborhoods have thru-streets with beach access. Some areas may get more visitors during the high season, but you’ll find more family-oriented areas the farther east you go. Driving on the beach, campfires, grills, beach camping and beach combing are permitted on our beaches.

For day-trippers, the most popular roads to use to get to the beach include Rettilon Road (closest to ferry landing), Crystal Beach Road, Kahla Drive and Stingaree Road.

Buy furosemide 100 mg - Lasix furosemide buy online


Whether you prefer guided fishing trips, competitive offshore tournaments or simply a day of peaceful kayak fishing, the peninsula is the place to find some of the state’s best fishing.

Check out our Annual Fishing Tournaments!
Stingaree Saltwater Slam & Kids Hardhead Tournament (Spring)
Galveston Bay Foundation Ladies Casting for Conservation (Summer)
Grand Slam Flounder Tournament (Fall)


The entire Bolivar Peninsula is part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. The Houston Audubon Society bird sanctuaries like Bolivar Flats and High Island are known throughout the world for the winter and spring migrations. Observe, photograph and enjoy!


Boating is a great way to travel and see the peninsula. We have several areas to launch and park your boat. Marinas include Steve’s Landing Restaurant, Stingaree Restaurant & Marina, Bolivar Yacht Basin and Rollover Pass.

Or, check out our beach toy rental options!